Why a business would be interested in signage printing

  • Technology has jumped ahead with the introduction of UV printers. By now you’re probably used to seeing new processes and techniques come and go in the print industry and you’ve often wondered which ones I jump into. The best way to decide is to understand how a new technology can benefit your business, productivity and profits. For textile printing we need to use a special formulated ink containing a photo ‘initiator’ that when exposed to UV light converts the ink into a solid polymer and adheres it to the media a process called curing. It’s very simple procedure but it’s a considerable technological leap that offers some really significant benefits to your sign in the form of wide format solutions and graphic.

    Benefits of signage printing

    • This is a chance to get your brand out there!

    • Your Brand promise a good designer can visually bring your brand to life on a sign and evoke the emotions you want your customer to associate with your brand

    • Your website address or social media addresses someone may not have the time to visit your store right then and there but will take note of your web address to browse later.

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